About Us

aboutusSmarter Informatics are a professional and knowledgeable team of integration experts, specialising in business process automation, data and application integration and B2B integration software solutions.

Our extensive experience and expertise enables us to provide a consultancy service that is tailored to meet your company’s individual needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on effective project management, and will support your business throughout the entire implementation process from design and development to deployment and analysis.

At Smarter Informatics we are proud to continually exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering quick, efficient and robust software solutions that will help drive your business forward. Our software applications are suitable for organisations of all sizes and for a number of requirements, and enable you to increase efficiencies and execute complex functions more readily whilst reducing costs and minimising risk.

Whether you require advice on choosing the right software solution for your business, need assistance in upgrading or improving a current application or would like Smarter Informatics to design and implement a complete integration package, our team are on hand to deliver!