growthSmarter Informatics can act as a software and technology partner to re-sell and integrate your company's software solutions to the IT systems of our customers and clients.

Using a fresh and flexible approach in delivering integration software solutions, Smarter Informatics can help enhance, support and grow your business by becoming a trusted and valued partner.

At Smarter Informatics we truly believe that partnerships function at their best with a mutual understanding and a shared objective of delivering excellence. Our dedicated team of integration experts have extensive knowledge and experience of business integration software, IT systems, complex business processes and unique sector requirements, making us the ideal partner to enhance your service offering.

Our aim is to provide our customers and clients with efficient, effective and robust software applications, solutions and technologies, whilst offering our partners more business opportunities and capacity for growth.

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Adeptia Inc

Adeptia is a software company that specializes in digital business-to-business connectivity, enabling business users to create data connections with customers and partners in minutes. Adeptia believes business users should be able to access information anywhere, anytime by creating data connections themselves in minutes, and its mission is to enable that self-service capability. Adeptia supports this mission by partnering with IT and equipping them with a framework to monitor, track, manage and control business user activity. As a result, Business gets to revenue faster and IT regains ultimate control and productivity.

Adeptia's unique unified hybrid offering -- with social data connectivity in the cloud, and optional on-premise enterprise process-based integration -- provides a competitive advantage to 400+ customers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA and with an office in New Delhi, India, Adeptia provides world-class support to its customers around-the-clock. Learn more by visiting