Application Integration

Smarter InformaticsApplication Integration (often called Enterprise Application Integration or EAI) enables companies who administer multiple, independently run applications to seamlessly integrate data from separate programmes into a single, easy-to-use interface.

Application Integration software solutions are suitable for companies of all sizes and enable businesses to executive business processes more effectively through one central management suite. This not only helps manage data more competently, but also enables businesses to bridge gaps between multiple software programmes, encourage employee collaboration and enhance greater productivity, as well as providing easier access to information.

Implementing an enterprise service bus (ESB) will enable businesses to integrate multiple applications without the need to replace or upgrade current IT systems. The ESB model is an architectural structure that receives and transmits communication from one system to another. The benefit of using an ESB solution is that each system is not required to have knowledge of or direct contact with the other as the connectivity between each application relies solely on the 'bus'.

Using Application Integration allows for the consolidation and organisation of computer applications from both internal and external systems into one platform that provides the following benefits:

  • Information distribution between different computer applications that enables businesses to consolidate data into an integrated system.
  • Data is more accessible, which decreases the time spent searching for information. The consolidation of information also ensures that data is reliable and up-to-date.
  • Businesses processes, operations and communications become more consistent.
  • Integrated applications make is easier for multi-office organisations to communicate more efficiently, as well as making it easier to access, current and consistent data.
  • A single view system delivers combined reports and analysis from across applications, making troubleshooting and identifying errors quick and simple.

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