B2B Integration

Smarter InformaticsB2B Integration (B2Bi) solutions enable organisations to enhance business processes through the automation and amalgamation of applications with trading partners, including suppliers, customers, monetary organisations, logistics companies and governing bodies.

Businesses are continually faced with the challenge of improving and expanding products and services, whilst stabilising or minimising costs. B2Bi software offers a simple and effective solution to this challenge. Not only can businesses connect to trading partners in real-time, enhance productivity and improve partner relationships, they can also reduce administration errors, ensure that data is managed and archived securely, and manage all integrations from one, easy to use management suite.

Applying B2Bi software solutions will enable you to effectively meet your company’s goals and objectives, providing your business with the following benefits:

  • A secure and all-inclusive hub that enables businesses to communicate effectively and securely with everyone they do business with.
  • Reduction of overhead costs and budget allowances on resources such as stationary and administration, error rectifications, training and maintenance, and shorter delivery cycles.
  • Improve the quality of your data through rapid document exchange, information sharing over secure networks and simple monitoring and reporting of partner communications.
  • Respond to trading partners in real-time, by automating communications that will improve operational efficiency and result in a higher number of transactions.
  • Build powerful partner connections and stronger customer relationships through an enhanced service offering, secure information exchange, and quicker response times.

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